Sharpen your skills at the only climate-controlled indoor shooting range in Northwest Louisiana

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Available Courses:

Concealed Carry Course
Concealed Carry Renewal Course
Women's Intro to Firearms
First Shots Pistol
First Shots Rifle
NRA Basic Pistol

Course Calendar

Course meets all requirements to apply for your initial Louisiana Concealed Handgun permit. Covers Prohibited Locations, Use of Force, Weapons Handling and more

Concealed Carry Course

Course meets all requirement to renew your Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit. This 2hr-2 1/2hr condensed course covers Prohibited Locations, Use of Force, Weapons Handling and more.

Concealed Renewal Course

Course is designed for beginners or experienced shooters. Shows how your firearm works, proper handling (loading, unloading, holding, standing, and much more. When you finish the course, you will have the confidence to go the range alone without assistance.

Women's Intro to Firearms

NSSF Program designed for people with no experience or very little to with firearms to shoot their first shoots. We will provide everything you need to put your "First Shot" down range.

First Shots